10 Reasons to Switch to Colorbond

March 13, 2020 Colorbond Roofing

Why should you consider Colorbond for your roof?

Are you considering replacing or restoring your roof? Colorbond, in particular, is slowly rising in popularity as the no.1 choice of roofing material in Australian homes. That is a type of steel roof that has been specially coated to make it aesthetically pleasing and durable.

Can Colorbond be the roofing material suitable for your home? Here are the top reasons why you should think so.

1. Colorbond is ideal for water collection

Some homes depend on natural water collection for gardening, livestock, and domestic use. Colorbond roofs can collect massive quantities of water for the rainwater storage tank. That is a huge advantage over concrete tiles. Concrete tiles are highly absorbent, thereby reducing the amount of water collected every time it rains.

On the other hand, the bonded paint finish of Colorbond seals the moisture away from the corrugated metal. Concrete tiles also get dirty easily. The dirt can wash off right into the rainwater tank. It may also form a film on the roof tile itself.

2. Colorbond is lightweight

A concrete roof tile is definitely heavier as compared to Colorbond. A Colorbond roof is only a tenthof its weight. That means you do not need a stout supporting roof frame. Consequently, the rafter spacing will also be more significant, helping you to save more on installation cost.

3. Colorbond does not absorb water

The absorbent nature of concrete roof tiles also contributes to their large weight. Consider also the additional weight brought about by water when building the roof support structure. Colorbond does not absorb water and does not fluctuate in weight.

4. Colorbond is safer to work with

Colorbond is the more reliable choice to work with because of its secure sheet installation. If for some reason you need someone to go up to your roof, this feature comes in handy. Corrugated metal sheets are more resilient as compared to concrete tiles which may accidentally dislodge if one is not careful enough.

5. Colorbond is highly resilient

Without a doubt, Colorbond is one of the most advanced and resilient roofing materials today. Its quality has been tried and tested for more than 50 years against harsh weather conditions in Australia. It’s also resistant against termites – one of the main reasons why our homes get damaged.

6. Colorbond is safer against bushfires

Given the recent events of how bushfires ravaged many parts of Australia, it is highly essential to consider this when designing your home. Colorbond is a better option than tile because it is non-combustible. Corrugated metal sheets are also easier to seal against burning ash and flying embers as compared to concrete tiles with porous surfaces.

7. Colorbond provides energy efficiency

Not many people are aware that roof colour and material can affect the price of your home’s cooling/heating bill. Colorbond roofs are considered as solar reflective, thanks to the thermatech technology, which first came out in 2008. That means that they can reflect more of the sun’s heat, thereby reducing the need for air-conditioning.

8. Colorbond is environment-friendly

Corrugated metal sheets are 100% recyclable. In fact, it is one of the most recycled materials out there. Not only is it efficient to move around, but it also reduces on-site wastage and the environmental impact of construction sites.

9. Colorbond is more cost-efficient

Tiles may seem cheaper right off the bat. However, once you add in other costs such as extra insulation, installation costs, painting and future maintenance, you will realise that Colorbond is a better deal. It helps keep the bills down because of its built-in insulation and needs little to no maintenance after installation.

10. Colorbond gives you more creative freedom

Nothing beats the excitement of being able to design your first home. Colorbond will not limit you in the design you choose because it is available in various shades and colours. All you have to do is select the one that suits your home and install it right away. The roof sheeting also comes in various profiles so you can design your home in any way you want it.

Colorbond also has greater spanning capability because of its lightweight nature. As a result, it needs fewer columns to hold up the roof of your home. With fewer columns, you will have larger floor space and more room to incorporate other items in your home.

Amazing Roof Restorations provides high-quality Colorbond roofing material

More and more Australian homes are making the shift to Colorbond roofs, mainly because this type of roof is proven to withstand harsh weather conditions. It does not eliminate the need for roof maintenance completely, but you can be sure that it will require less upkeep than other roofing materials.

Have you decided to join the thousands of homes who have made the switch? Our team here in Amazing Roof Restorations will be glad to help you out. Speak with us today.

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