Can I Paint My Roof Any time of the Year?

Can I Paint My Roof Any time of the Year?
October 9, 2019 Roof painting

Things to keep in mind before you hire a Newcastle roofing contractor.

Painting your roof seems like an easy task to pull off at any time of the year. It appears as a necessary chore you do when the paint wears off. However, this ‘easy’ chore can be disastrous if you don’t plan and prepare accordingly. Scheduling your roof painting for the right time is an integral part of these plans and preparations.

Roof painting preparations make the job easier, safer, and more efficient. Before planning to hire a Newcastle roofing contractor, it would be good to know if you can paint your roof at any time of the year.

The best weather condition for painting your roof

Weather conditions are essential considerations in painting your roof. The time of applying the paint is just as important consideration as the preparation of roof painting materials. If we want to maximise the effects of roof paints, weather forecasts should be one of our top priorities.

The weather significantly affects the quality of the roof paint application. For instance, paint needs to be stored in a dry and warm place at room temperature. It ensures that the quality of paint remains high before application. When it is applied, it is recommended that the temperature is at least 10°C. This temperature is to ensure that the weather is neither too hot nor too cold. In hot weather conditions, the paint could dry too quickly, which results in brush marks. On the other hand, most roof paints do not stick well in cold weather conditions.

Aside from the time of application, one important thing to consider is the weather for the following days. Having good weather conditions on these days allow the paint enough time to dry. A time of about 24 to 48 hours of clear weather without rain is enough.

Can I Paint My Roof Any time of the Year?

The best time of the season to paint your roof

Another important consideration for roof paint application is the season. The seasons usually dictate the general temperature of that time of year. Applying paint in the extreme summer heat where the temperature is unbearable is not recommended. Moreover, the summer heat brings more humidity in the atmosphere, which can greatly affect the drying process. Likewise, painting in the winter is not advisable because of the expected cold.

The type of paint you use can also affect the drying process and the paint’s durability. For example, water-based paints usually take a longer drying process. They also freeze when the temperature goes low. On the other hand, elastomeric paints dry somewhat quicker. They also expand or contract according to the season. These qualities make elastomeric paints a preferred option for roof paints.

Therefore, the best seasons for roof painting are the spring and autumn. Roof painting can also be done in the summer, as long as it is not too hot. Take extra precautions if you have no other choice but to apply paint in the winter.

Can I Paint My Roof Any time of the Year?

Is it okay to paint my roof any time of the year?

The right temperature is crucial to getting the best roof paint job. However, this does not mean that you can’t apply paint in the summer and winter times. As long as we take into account the considerations above, painting the roof can be done in any season.

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