How to Clean a Roof?

How to Clean a Roof? - Amazing Roof Restoration

Did a bushfire recently happen in an area near you? Then, chances are that your gutter is full of dead leaves, which could be a fire hazard if not promptly removed. Or perhaps your roof is starting to accumulate algae or is getting badly stained with mould. Cleaning is important to maintain your roof in a good condition. A poorly maintained roof will wear faster and a mould-covered roof will have water drainage problems.

Mould is an easy issue to deal with as it can be killed with a regular household bleach. Once it’s dead, we can easily scrape it off the roof. But there are times when a regular household bleach isn’t enough. Are pressure washers enough? Well, if we’re going to talk about the power and pressure, sure. They can rip off all mould and algae from your roof with ease, however, they can also damage your roof tiles by stripping the surface granules from the tile, effectively shortening its life expectancy, thus leading to higher maintenance costs.

Using Correct Chemicals

The best way to get rid of moulds, algae and other organisms on your roof is to use the correct chemicals. There are roof cleaning chemicals available at many hardware and other home improvement shops and they are very easy to use. Usually, you’ll just spray it on and leave it and the next rain will rinse it off along with the dead mould and algae.

When it comes to roof maintenance and safety, chemicals are safer than pressure washers as they won’t cause flooding and won’t damage your roof granules (unless you use such a powerful acid that it puts a hole in them, though I doubt there exist such a thing). Aside from that, roof cleaning chemicals can also be an ideal cleaning material for paths, patios, driveways and most hard surfaces.

Hiring Professionals

If you need more than a basic clean, or if you don’t have the time to do it yourself or if you’re worried about messing up, then it’s better to leave roof cleaning at the hands of professionals. If you chose to hire professionals, it’s a good idea to get references in order to make sure that your roof repair service provider can do a good job for you.