Pros and Cons of Painting Terracotta Tile Roofing

Pros and Cons of Painting Terracotta Tile Roofing - Amazing Roof Restoration

Do you need to have your terracotta tile roof painting? It pays to know these pros and cons before making the big decision.

Terracotta, which means ‘baked earth’ in Italian, is a kind of earthenware produced by baking hard and porous, brownish-red clay. Terracotta has been a predominantly used material for art, sculpture, and architecture all over the world since ancient times. Evidence of the earliest terracotta in Prehistoric art can be found in the Venus of Dolni Vestonice, a figurine discovered in the Palaeolithic site in Moravia, which is now part of the Czech Republic.

Terracotta in Architecture

Terracotta in Architecture

Its rustic beauty, strength, and flexibility make terracotta a common tile roofing material. The oldest types of terracotta tiles are rectangular in shape and flat, but over time they evolved into different shapes and sizes.

Terracotta tiles were widely used in ancient Babylonian, Indian, Chinese, Greek, and Middle Eastern architecture and have been continuously in use in those parts of the world. In the 1800s, unglazed terracotta became a favourite among architects in America and England.

Terracotta is a preferred material for floor, bricks, and roof tiles in public buildings and homes because of its earthen beauty. It’s a good material to use in architecture because aside from its aesthetic quality, it’s versatile as well as durable.

New terracotta roof tiles have a natural baked reddish colour depending on the type of clay used. Although terracotta roofing can last for many years, its porous surface makes it susceptible to wear and tear. Fortunately, you have the option to restore your terracotta tiles, and one way to do so is through roof painting.

But while terracotta tile roof painting is recommended, you might want to weigh your options by first looking at the following pros and cons of painting your terracotta tile roofing.

Pros of Painting Terracotta Tile Roofing.

Pros of Painting Terracotta Tile Roofing

Here are the reasons why you should paint your terracotta roof.

It helps weatherproof your roof.

Your roof is the part of your house that’s most susceptible to weather elements. Heat, rain, debris, and other natural elements can all contribute to roof deterioration. Terracotta tiles that are naturally porous absorb water over time.

As a result, terracotta tiles may slowly deteriorate if exposed to rain for a prolonged period of time. During the rainy season, terracotta absorbs water and may not have the time to dry out properly, making it prone to mould. By painting your terracotta roof, you are providing an extra layer of protection to the tiles, preventing moisture accumulation.

Aside from weatherproofing your roof, painting your terracotta tiles will also protect the frames of your roof. It will prevent future damage that could be costly and time-consuming to repair.

It updates the colour of your roof.

Although terracotta comes in many beautiful colours, it can fade and give your home a shabby or dated look. By painting your terracotta roof, you can choose a colour that fits the overall aesthetic of your house.

Aside from the colour, the painting process is also easier, so you can update your roof in a short time. By spray painting, you can apply colour to your entire roof evenly, making it look newer and more attractive.

It allows you to restore your roof instead of replacing it.

As mentioned earlier, your terracotta roof is durable, but during the rainy months, it may be exposed to a lot of moisture. Instead of replacing your entire terracotta roof, you can decide to restore your roof and paint it instead. Doing so will prolong the life of your roof and spare you from the more expensive cost of a new roof.

Downsides of Terracotta Tile Roofing Painting

Downsides of Terracotta Tile Roofing Painting

Here are the reasons why you might want to think twice about having your terracotta roof painted.

Your roof could require regular maintenance.

Although painting terracotta tiles give your roof an added layer of protection from moisture, the paint will peel and flake at some point. By protecting your roof, the paint will take a toll from all the weather and eventually flake, which could make your roof look unappealing and ramshackle.

Your home may have a lower resale value.

Painting your roof will give your home added protection and save you from replacing your roof tiles. However, this may be a reason for the value of your home to depreciate. A painted terracotta roof is an added cost to a potential buyer who will need to maintain it from time to time. Such a factor can give a potential buyer a reason to bargain your house’s resale price.

It will alter the look of your home.

Painting your terracotta tiles will make your home look more polished and modern. However, they will lose their aged and earthy appeal. When newly painted, your roof may stand out from the rest of your house, especially when your overall home design is rustic.

Ask a licensed roofing contractor for sound advice on roof painting.

Ask a licensed roofing contractor for sound advice on roof painting.

Painting terracotta tile roofing has its pros and cons, but whatever you choose to do with your roof, maintaining it is a must if you want it to last for a long time. To properly maintain your terracotta tile roofing, contact the professional roofers of Amazing Roof Restorations.

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