Should Century-old Homes have Roof Restoration?

Should Century-old Homes have Roof Restoration? - Amazing Roof Restoration

One of our biggest considerations in choosing roofing materials is durability. This is why long-lasting roofs made out of clay or slate are the ones you would normally encounter in really old buildings and houses. However, no matter how sturdy these materials are, there comes a time where a few fixes here and there become necessary. Some may be minor , but some end up needing more than just a quick fix.

Fortunately, there are expert professionals who can lend you a helping hand in dealing with your roofing problems. Here at Amazing Roof Restorations, concerns regarding your roofs are just a call away – yes, even your century-old  house!

Should Century-old Homes have Roof Restoration? - Roof Restoration

Restoration against preservation

Buildings and houses that have historical value are the ones we often find  difficult to deal with. It has  to do with the dilemma of keeping the roofs’ old style and form while making certain necessary adjustments to ensure their longevity. The heavily favoured materials such as slate, wood shingles, clay or terracotta, and metal are all recognised for their durability. However, these materials also have different susceptibilities, and  thus require different restoration procedures.

It’s not just the roofs, it’s the history that comes with them

Veryold houses that have remained intact, functional, and in good shape owed their continued existence to a number of reasons .

  • They have managed to withstand the atrocities of war and other disasters.
  • These have remained in use and functional .
  • Their value has been appreciated by the people in the area.

Slate roofing, for example, dates back to  17th century England and is now known to be one of the most expensive roofing materials. ,Slate roofs managed to cross continental borders and reach a number of countries. Same goes with clay, which originated in Europe and is commonly known to be Spanish in style. It went on to be embraced by cultures even as far as South America, Asia, and the Pacific.  Metal would have to wait a few more decades after the industrial revolution before becoming a household name in various industrial materials including roofs.

What are the essentials of roof restoration?

If you hire roof restoration specialists for your century-old houses, there are various ways to revitalise them according to the materials used. For instance, clay tile roofing is known for its frailty especially after decades of rainwater and sunlight. Cracks will  probably started to appear in slate roofs after 50 years, so more problematic issues can be expected once we hit the 100 year mark. Metal roofs, on the other hand, are highly susceptible to stains and rusts.

Here at Amazing Roof Restorations, we can ensure you that all these concerns will be addressed by our team of experts. If you want to know on how to go about the appropriate restoration procedure for your century-old houses, call us now!