Ways to Maintain a Clean Roof and Why it’s Important

Ways to Maintain a Clean Roof and Why it's Important - Amazing Roof Restoration

Cost-Efficient Way to Maintain the Cleanliness of your Roof

It is important to know how to keep your roof in tip-top shape. The extreme weather conditions in Newcastle expose your roof to the elements, so it is important for a home owner like you to exercise diligence in making sure that your roof is in a good state. Regular roof cleaning will help you maintain the quality of your roof, saving you from unnecessary expenses.

But what exactly do you need to know when cleaning your roof? Let this article give you a quick guide on maintaining your roof in a cost efficient way.
First, determine how old your roof is.

A typical roof can last up to 25 years. If your roof has exceeded this point, or may be older than you, it’s time for a change. If you have a relatively new roof, check for wear and tears that may be due for restoration. Chipping roof tiles may need some pointing and bedding works. These kinds of roof repair can be costly, but if these are addressed early on it may save you a lot of cash to have roof restoration. Blasting your roof with a high-pressure hose or a good quality broom will help you recognise cracks and misalignment of roof tiles, as well as possible tears and damages on iron roofs.

Iron roofs, especially as they get older and are exposed to the harsh elements of the NSW weather, will need to be checked for rusts regularly. Remember that rust is a sign that your iron roof has reacted to moisture from the wind and rain. Address this quickly to prevent the formation of holes that will lead to indoor leaks when the rainy season comes, and your hard-earned money from being spent to repair not only your roof, but also your ceiling, if and when leaks happen.

Determine the cleaning agents that are ideal for your type of roof.

There are a million roof restoration products that will ensure a clean and sturdy roof. The usual products contain a variety of chemicals: from algae-removing compounds to roof paint conditioner so as not to compromise the quality of your roof paint, but doing it yourself with these commercial products may do more harm than good, potentially ruining your house painting or polluting the environment. Do so with caution, especially if you have little or no experience with roof restoration.

Did you know that you need not spend a lot of money in roof cleaning products? You may not be a pro at cleaning your roof, but you may have the ingredients already in your kitchen to maintain a great looking roof. Just put water, laundry bleach, and detergent together in a bucket or a garden sprayer and spread it over your roof. Leave it for a good 15 minutes before scrubbing and rinsing off. It is also nice to remember to do your DIY roof cleaning when the weather’s cool or humid. Best to also put on safety gear like non-slip shoes and harness when cleaning your roof.

Look beyond the roof

Your roof is an integral part of your home. Without it, or with a few holes in it, you and your family might experience leaks inside your home during the rain. A well-maintained roof will also have a clean gutter free of leaves and stagnant water that may be home for disease-carrying insects or rodents.
When you are about to go up the roof for a much needed cleaning and restoration, check the gutters and see if leaves have collected in it. Sweep away the unnecessary elements like clogged leaves, nest and other debris and rainwater that’s been sitting in your roof and gutter, and check for puncture points and leaks due to rusting. Do this three times a year, or when ever you see water seeping out of the gutter, have this sealed or replaced by someone who knows roof restoration very well. It will also help to install screens on your gutter drains so fallen leaves and feral animals may not clog them up or hide in them. For professional roof repair, roof painting, or roof restoration, contact Amazing Roof Restoration, your friendly neighbourhood roofing experts.