Why Roof Painting is Not Only for Aesthetics

Why Roof Painting is Not Only for Aesthetics
November 24, 2019 Roof Paints

Why Roof Painting is Not Only for Aesthetics

Painting has always been associated with arts and aesthetics. Whether in solid colours or patterns, each shade delivers a certain feel that matches the emotion you want to convey. Paint in a home is no different. It is supposed to bring a sense of comfort and security through its colours. However, painting is not just about aesthetics. Paint in your home, especially roof painting, gives so much more than pleasing the eyes.

Other benefits of roof painting

Roof painting is done regularly every couple of years. That is not just to keep your roof and home looking good, but also for several reasons. These reasons to paint your roof include:

·         For a weather-proof home

Roof paint, especially roof coating, protects your home against rain, hail, snow, wind, and the sun’s UV rays. It is most especially applicable if you use waterproof roof paint coating. Literally, the roof above your head should protect you from all sorts of weather. Your roof can do that well if it has a layer of paint to help do the job.

·         Prevent growth of algae and lichens

Algae and lichens can bring heavy damage to your roof. Aside from breaking the roof, it can cause all sorts of problems such as roof leaks. Algae and lichens grow in the crevices, and this is more likely to happen if there is no coat of paint on, which can help seal the roof.

·         Avoid roof leaks

Algae and lichens are not the only causes of roof leaks. Other factors which may cause damages are; rust, improper installation, and painting, dents from foreign objects, among others. A good layer of roof painting can help prevent rust and dents on your roof to ensure no water will leak into your home.

·         Save costs on repairs

Regular roof painting is more cost-efficient than leaving it unattended until a problem arises. A lot of damages can potentially happen with an old roof, such as leaks and structural issues. The cost of repairing damage can be far more expensive than having your roof regularly painted with good quality paint.

·         Increase the value of your property

A good-looking roof can make a house look stylish and modern. That is an advantage if you are planning to sell your home. Even if you are not planning to put your home on the market, the minimal cost of having your roof painted, is greatly outweighed by the added value that is added to your home.

·         For thermally efficient homes

Many types of roof paint have more purposes than aesthetics and protection. Special paint like Colorbond roofing is also made to control the temperature inside your home. It can make your home cooler, which can bring substantial savings on your energy expenses.

·         Protection against fire

There are also types of paint, like Colorbond roof paint, which can provide protection against fire. Aside from being resistant to high heat, this added protection is only for a minimal addition to painting costs.



Enjoy both aesthetics and protection with quality roof painting from Amazing Roof Restorations

Truly, roof painting is not only for aesthetics. It can also provide protection as well as energy efficiency. Consider it as a maintenance cost you need to invest on for your home regularly.

To enjoy all its benefits, make sure you get quality paint and expert service. Applying paint to your roof is not a simple do-it-yourself job, because roof paint applied correctly lasts longer and works better. Have your next roof painting with Amazing Roof Restorations. We provide the best roof painting services on both residential and commercial properties in the Newcastle and Hunter Valley region. Contact us now for enquiries or a free quotation.

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