10 Common Myths About Roof Gutters

10 Common Myths About Roof Gutters

The truth about your Newcastle roof gutter

If you want to have your gutters replaced or roof restored, you may hear many stories that confuse (if not downright scare) you. Whilst some stories may be true, there are common myths that pertain to roof gutters. What are the common myths about roof gutters? Here are the 10 common roof gutter myths debunked.

Myth 1 - Installing roof guttering is easy

Myth 1: Installing roof guttering is easy

Some people say that it is easy to install roof gutters. Unless you are really handy with power tools such as drills and mitre saws, don’t even think about it! The correct number of brackets is also an important consideration; otherwise, the gutters could sag.

Gutters also need to be at a certain angle so that water goes down to the downspout. Not sure about how to use a level or how it works? Then a DIY roof gutter installation is probably not a good idea.

Myth 2: Roof gutters last forever

Gutters may not require expensive maintenance works, but they need to be maintained for them to work properly. For example, you should have your gutters checked at least twice a year so that you don’t miss any errant twigs that have been blown over. It is also good practice to check if gutters have been hit by a tree and have been warped.

By not checking gutters often enough, you could miss many things that could affect walls and even the foundation of the house but, most of the time, oversight can spare you a lot of heartache and unnecessary expenses.

Myth 3 - Cleaning the gutters is easy

Myth 3: Cleaning the gutters is easy

Cleaning the gutters is as simple as climbing a ladder and plucking out fallen leaves. But then, that’s an accident waiting to happen. According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, ladder falls were the most common causes of do-it-yourself (DIY) injuries from 2013 to 2014. More than half (63%) of these injuries resulted in a fracture. Would you risk this because you think cleaning the gutter is easy?

Gutters often get clogged during winter and the wet months of the year. This is the time when scaling a ladder to clean out those gutters is trickier and more difficult.

Myth 4: A gutter guard is not necessary

Another myth spreading around is that gutter guards are not vital. Roof gutters need to be cleaned regularly, preferably by professionals who know what they are doing to avoid falling off a ladder. That will cost you in the long run. It is more practical to add a gutter guard to lessen the time it will need to clean the gutters. It would be even better to install a new gutter and gutter guard simultaneously, to make sure they fit and work together properly.

Myth 5 - No trees, no debris

Myth 5: No trees, no debris

If there are no trees around the home, one would think that no debris gets into the gutters. Though dry and blown leaves are the main culprit of clogged roof gutters, they are not the only thing that can hinder water flow. It is still necessary to check the gutters more than once a year for other debris and have a cleaning service remove chunks of ice or dirt in them.

Myth 6: It doesn’t matter when you clean your roof gutters

People think that it doesn’t matter when they should clean their gutters in the spring or autumn, as long as they do it. But it does matter because cleaning them at the beginning of spring when the weather is supposed to be friendlier means that one also gets to check how well they survived the winter.

When it comes to cleaning the roof gutters in the fall, it is recommended to wait after the leaves have fallen. This gives homeowners the chance to eliminate all the leaves that could clog and damage their gutters. If there are cypress trees around the home, make sure to wait towards the end of autumn when almost all the needles have dropped.

Myth 7 - Cleaning the gutters is enough

Myth 7: Cleaning the gutters is enough

Cleaning the gutters regularly is ideal. However, stopping at just cleaning means that people are setting themselves up for problems such as mould or mildew growth, cracked foundation, and rotted fascia and soffit.

Schedule inspections between cleanings and check the following:

  • Debris build-up and other things that can clog the gutters.
  • Blocked downspouts.
  • Leaking corners.
  • Worn seams and joints.
  • Loose bolts and other damaged hardware.

Myth 8: It is okay to use a pressure cleaner on gutters

Using a pressure cleaner or leaf blower to clean out gutters can cause more mess and more long-term damage because they not only blow leaves that create a huge mess around the property, they also push most of the leaves and dirt straight into the downpipes, causing more blockage. Most professional gutter cleaning companies still use these, so make sure to ask first about the tools and technology they will use.

Myth 9 - Insurance will cover water damage caused by a clogged gutter

Myth 9: Insurance will cover water damage caused by a clogged gutter

It is a common misconception that insurance companies will pay for any water damage in a home, but if they declare that the damage resulted from a clogged or dirty gutter, chances are that insurance companies will not pay out. You can protect himself from nasty surprises like this by having professionals clean the gutters regularly.

Myth 10: Gutters do not affect the health of the roof

Gutters and roofing work as a team, and therefore influence the performance of one another. The roof works as a barrier to keep the home dry when it is raining, whilst the gutters move rainwater to the ground and away from the house. Without gutters, one could end up with bigger roof problems that could damage even the foundation of the house.

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