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Metal Roof Repair & Restoration

Amazing Roof Repair & Restoration experts can provide metal roof painting and repair services to residents of Newcastle, Hunter Valley and surrounding areas in NSW.

Our roofing experts offer premium roof painting and sealing of metal roofing at affordable prices. Don’t miss the awesome Colorbond steel roofing images lower down the page and be sure to check out our specials.

Our durable, user friendly Colorbond paints come in a wide variety of colours. These flexible metal roofing paints will hold up to all kinds of weathering.

Painting in the Rain: The Lowdown - Amazing Roof Restoration

Metal Roof Restoration Process

5 Step process:

  1. Assessment
  2. Roof Check
  3. Pressure Cleaning
  4. Rust Treatment
  5. Roof Membrane Application and Painting

What is Metal Roof Restoration?

Metal Roof Restoration (also known as roof painting, roof re-spray) is a great way of restoring the appearance of sheet metal roofs like galvanised iron or colourbond to an ‘as-new’ condition. Older metal roofs deteriorate in appearance and its water protection is compromised.

The tough coastal environmental conditions ensure that old metal roofs need careful maintenance to guarantee their effectiveness and attractiveness

A good metal roof keeps your home water proof and adds value. A metal roof restoration may help you save money and the expense of a replacing a metal roof prematurely.

Amazing Roof restoration’s proven

5 Stage Process

Step 1 – Assessment

Our fully trained staff will meet you at the desired location at a time that suits you to assess and quote your roof job and explain exactly what work is required on your roof & give you the exact cost involved in writing before any work begins so you know exactly what needs to be done.

Step 2 – Roof Check

Once work commences the metal roof is checked for leaks. Loose roof sheets and flashings are secured. Nails and rusted tek screws are replaced with new Tek screws where needed.

Step 3 – Pressure Cleaning

The next step The roof is pressured cleaned with a high pressure industrial grade roof pressure cleaner. This removes scale, dirt and loose rust to clean the roof surface thoroughly. This means that roof membranes will adhere to the roof sheets.

Step 4 – Rust Treatment

Where rust is found a rust primer treatment is applied to eliminate any trace of rust and prevent further rusting and oxidation to ensure the metal roof is rust proofed and water tight. It will also create a strong surface for the primers and membranes to adhere to.

Step 5 – Roofing Membrane Application

A primer coating is applied to the metal roof. Followed by an additional two (2) coats of the metal roof membrane. This membrane is available in a range of colours to meet your needs and preference. We use the “Dulux acra-tex Membrane System”along with other high end acrylic roofing paint manufacturers. Heat reflective paints/membranes are available for clients that request it.

Metal Roofing Restoration, Amazing Roof Restoration

When can you tell metal roof needs refurbishment?

Tell tale signs that a roof restoration should be considered include:

  • Moss, fungus growth
  • Rusty Screws or old loose nails
  • Rotting woodwork at or near roof/gutter line
  • Rusting roof, gutters and downpipes
  • Ceilings that are water marked
  • Faded metal roof sheets
  • Holes and/or gaps in the roof
  • Loose, missing or damaged metal roof sheets, and flashings

How do you restore metal roofs?

Roof Restoration can be complex and difficult depending on the steepness, height and design structure of the roof

With fully trained staff you can rest assured Our metal roofing experts will complete your roof job to the highest standard. Our metal roofing experts follow a 5-step Roof Restoration Process to restore your roof to its former glory.


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