Roof Painting

Amazing Roof Restorations provide quality roof painting and restoration services to residential and commercial properties located in Newcastle, Hunter Valley and surrounding areas.

Your roof protects your home from the elements, it’s what provides shelter. Although you may take the ‘out of sight, out of mind’ approach, it’s important to check your roof for any damages. Over time, the forces of the sun, wind, and rain wear down and weaken your roof, making it look discoloured and possibly damaged.

There are a range of benefits to painting your roof. Painting and restoring your roof:

  • Adds value to the property
  • Prevents leaks
  • Extends the life of a roof
  • Significantly improves the exterior of buildings
  • Improves energy efficiency

Amazing Roof Restoration provides tiled roof restoration, roof cleaning, repair, re-roofing, conversion and maintenance. If you’re wanting to extend the life of your roof- residential or commercial- get in touch today. It’s important to notice discolouration on your roof, and inspect for any damages.

If you need assistance, call a professional. By choosing Amazing Roof Restorations, you have access to a wide range of roof colours to choose from, and can be assured that only the best quality roofing materials are used. Our roofing staff are fast, reliable, friendly and fully trained.

Wanting to extend the life of your roof?

Contact us and find out how we can restore your roof!