10 Reasons to Switch to Colorbond

March 13, 2020 Colorbond Roofing

Why should you consider Colorbond for your roof? Are you considering replacing or restoring your roof? Colorbond, in particular, is slowly rising in popularity as the no.1 choice of roofing material in Australian homes. That is a type of steel roof that has been specially coated to make it aesthetically pleasing and durable. Can Colorbond […]

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A Brief History of Tile Roofs

February 21, 2020 Tiled roofing, Uncategorized

A roof’s importance to your home cannot be overlooked. It shelters you from the forces of nature, protects your utility systems, and helps enhance the aesthetic of the exterior. That is why manufacturers are continuously developing roofing materials and looking for improvements. Tile is the most commonly used roofing material for homes all over the […]

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Parts of Your Roofing System

January 14, 2020 Roof, Roof accessories

One of the most important elements in building houses is the roofing system. It is crucial that the part of your home which has the main function of enclosing the whole space in order to protect its inhabitants from the effects of the elements is designed properly with quality materials. This means that every responsible […]

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What Consumers Should Know About Whirlybird Ventilation

December 24, 2019 Roof ventilation

What Consumers Should Know About Whirlybird Ventilation Imagine a typical room without proper means of ventilation and insulation. Wouldn’t it be too hot and unbearable, especially in the extreme summer heat? Of course, it would! That is why many homeowners would resort to air conditioning to keep themselves cool. Some may even install window blinds […]

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Why Roof Painting is Not Only for Aesthetics

November 24, 2019 Roof Paints

Why Roof Painting is Not Only for Aesthetics Painting has always been associated with arts and aesthetics. Whether in solid colours or patterns, each shade delivers a certain feel that matches the emotion you want to convey. Paint in a home is no different. It is supposed to bring a sense of comfort and security […]

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Can I Paint My Roof Any time of the Year?

October 9, 2019 Roof painting

Things to keep in mind before you hire a Newcastle roofing contractor. Painting your roof seems like an easy task to pull off at any time of the year. It appears as a necessary chore you do when the paint wears off. However, this ‘easy’ chore can be disastrous if you don’t plan and prepare […]

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What is Terracotta?

September 10, 2019 Tiled roofing

Terracotta Tile Roofs at a Glance Many Australian homeowners still prefer the rustic and traditional look of terracotta for their roofing and building construction. This type of earthenware has been used for millennia and has withstood the test of time. Now, it comes in many shapes, sizes, and colours that genuinely add to the quality […]

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Things to Consider before Hiring Roofers in Newcastle

August 24, 2019 Newcastle Roofers

Maintaining your roof in Newcastle is a difficult task, especially with the changing and extreme weather conditions. Does your roof need new paint? Is there leaking or dampness? Has the roof material begun to decay? You may need new roofing now. Why would do I need a roofer? In commercial and household roofing, environmental factors […]

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A Homeowner’s Manual: Top Tips to Weather-Proof Your Roof

July 15, 2019 Roofing tips

Nowadays, having a home that can withstand tough weather conditions should be one of the top priorities of any homeowner, especially since global warming is affecting many Australian cities. But aside from building a solid foundation for your home and making sure that the materials you use will last a lifetime, weather-proofing your roof is […]

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Caring for your Roof during Winter

June 30, 2019 Roof inspection

The first few days of winter are very scenic. Drizzled roofs, watered leaves, and everyone will be wearing thick colourful coats and boots. It is indeed a winter wonderland. It will not be long, though, before the freshness of winter wears off. In a few weeks, the cold and rain will be inconvenient and you […]

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Colorbond Roofing

May 16, 2019 Colorbond Roofing

Are you thinking about a roof replacement or restoration? The same, old, and dull roof may need an upgrade. It may be time to replace your tiled or rusty steel roof with Colorbond roofing. What is Colorbond roofing? For more than 50 years, Colorbond has evolved its roofing technology to fit homes and even commercial […]

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Are Metal Roofs Good for Mobile Homes?

April 12, 2019 Metal Roofing

With the prices for house and lot for sale and for rent going up, it is no wonder why more and more people choose to go for mobile homes. Mobile homes, also known as ‘manufactured homes’ are an inexpensive yet reliable way to get a house of your own. To make the most out of it, […]

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How Does Extreme Heat Affect My Roof?

March 28, 2019 Roof inspection

Despite how much we enjoy the summer heat in Australia, it can become unbearable at times. This January Australia had its hottest month in recorded history. Temperatures rocketed to 49.5C. The extreme heat, among many other effects, can cause problems to our roofing. But how does too much heat affect roofing? Roofs are supposed to keep […]

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6 Australian Roof Types

February 18, 2019 Roof Types

There are many different kinds of roofs, all stylish and architecturally unique. No one can deny that the roof of a house is incredibly important. A roof helps support the entire building and keeps it structurally sound. It also serves as protection from environmental elements and prevents water, debris, and dirt from entering the house. […]

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Metal vs. Tile: What is the Better Roof Choice?

January 3, 2019 Metal Roofing

Metal vs. Tile: What is the Better Roof Choice? Have you ever asked yourself this question? This is one of the challenging questions which homebuilders and renovators in Australia ask themselves each year. A roof is your home’s first line of defence to elements. It is your shield against the scorching heat of the sun […]

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Best Season for Roof Repairs

December 16, 2018 Roof Repair

Roof repairs and replacements are necessary for preventing leaks and maintaining the structural integrity of your house. But while you can book roofing contractors any time of the year, the work that needs to be done on your roof must coincide with the right season. You might say that you can get quality work from […]

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How Whirly Bird Ventilation Works

November 21, 2018 Roof accessories

You might have seen a whirly bird ventilation system in many Australian residential rooftops. It’s this turbine vent that’s shaped like a cylindrical dome. It mainly works to dissipate the heat from the ceiling so that the air that flows around the house is properly ventilated. Whirly birds have semi-mechanical fins that spin with the […]

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Restoration vs. Re-roofing

October 29, 2018 Roof Restoration

Roofs are essential to the protection and integrity of homes. Regular cleaning and maintenance are needed to keep their lifespan long. However, at some point, the performance of your Newcastle roofing will come to an end. When this time comes, you will need to decide between two options: roof restoration or re-roofing. Is your roof […]

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What is a Roof Truss?

September 11, 2018 Roof parts

A structural framework designed to provide support and strength to a roof, a truss is essential as the roof’s frame. They bridge the space above rooms and occur at regular intervals, held by longitudinal posts for support. Basically, they are triangular wooden structures designed to keep the integrity of a roof. You can usually find […]

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Should Century-old Homes have Roof Restoration?

August 12, 2018 Roof Restoration

One of our biggest considerations in choosing roofing materials is durability. This is why long-lasting roofs made out of clay or slate are the ones you would normally encounter in really old buildings and houses. However, no matter how sturdy these materials are, there comes a time where a few fixes here and there become […]

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5 Tips in Preventing Roof Coating Problems

July 23, 2018 Roof coating

High-quality roofing is an investment and is important for the protection of your home. Constant exposure to environmental elements can inadvertently degrade its quality, which can become a source of damage. To avoid that, it is recommended that a coating be applied to increase the lifespan of your roof. This is because it acts as […]

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Best Tips When Cleaning Your Roof

June 16, 2018 Roof maintenance

Cleaning the roof of your house may sound like a tedious task. It’s not really the type of chore you want to be doing on a sunny Saturday morning. Nonetheless, it’s something that must be done regularly to maintain your home. Don’t know where to start? Here are a few tips that can help you […]

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All Ears, Homeowners: Top Roof Problems That Can Affect Your Home

May 26, 2018 Roof Support Problems

All over Australia, homeowners face a number of problems with their roofs as the seasons change. A large number of problems are brought about by constant weather changes, with factors such as poor workmanship and poor management causing others. Most are not detected early and as such, lead to bigger situations that are more expensive […]

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Why You Should Leave Metal Roof Painting to Professionals?

April 21, 2018 Metal Roof Painting

There are many reasons to get your roof painted. How you go about coating or re-painting your roof will vary depending on the materials involved. Metal roofs are known for their practical qualities as they are relatively affordable and easier to maintain. However, painting metal roofs remains one of the most challenging roofing tasks, making […]

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Tips for Picking the Right Roof Shape for You

March 15, 2018 Roofing tips

Picking the right roof shape for your house depends on a lot of factors. The number of rooms you need, the budget you’re working with, and the weather in your city are just some of the things you need to consider when choosing a roof style. The most common characteristic of all roofs is a […]

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Salt – Good on Food but Not On Walls

February 12, 2018 Wall protection

Too much salt on food is not good for you – and the same applies to walls.  Ever spilt some red wine onto your table cloth and grabbed for the salt cellar to stop the stain setting in?  The salt sucks up the wine because it is a hygroscopic element – a substance that absorbs moisture. […]

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How Long Does a Roof Restoration Take?

January 11, 2018 Roof Restoration

Roof restoration has long been considered as a wise investment for keeping a home safe and secure. The roof your home should be able to withstand the test of various weather conditions. But as with anything, the roof has a life cycle. A few years after it reaches its prime, it becomes susceptible to many […]

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Sure fire Ways To Achieve a Successful Roof Repairing Project

December 11, 2017 Roof Repair, Roof Restoration

Sometimes weather can cause a hole in your roof when the general structure of your roof deteriorates. You may want to finally pick the phone and call a roof restoration service. Most of these services are highly professional and will do the job for you, so check out the internet for the best ones in […]

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Qualities to look for in a roof painter

November 13, 2017 Uncategorized

Roofs are meant to protect you, your family, and your hard-earned assets from the hazards of the environment. But while protecting you and your home from being exposed to external elements, it is important to also maintain the aesthetics. Enter your trusty roof painter, but are you sure that he knows his job well? When […]

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Ways to Maintain a Clean Roof and Why it’s Important

October 11, 2017 Uncategorized

Cost-Efficient Way to Maintain the Cleanliness of your Roof It is important to know how to keep your roof in tip-top shape. The extreme weather conditions in Newcastle expose your roof to the elements, so it is important for a home owner like you to exercise diligence in making sure that your roof is in […]

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Goodbye, Clingy Moss: How to Remove Moss from Your Roof

September 11, 2017 Uncategorized

Green signifies a number of things. In the fairytale/fantasy world, it would represent a cottage deep within a tranquil forest, far away from evil’s clutches. In real life, and with the exception of green painted tiles, there is no other reason for a green roof except wide spread growth of the plant that is moss. […]

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Green Roof Technology – Amazing or Useless?

August 9, 2017 Roof

You’ve probably heard of countries like Singapore and China deciding to incorporate nature into their infrastructure, by growing various types of plants, grasses, vines and sometimes even trees – right on top of their buildings. So how good is this, actually? How well does it fit into the overall image of a city, based on […]

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Common Reasons Why Your Newcastle Roofing is Rotting

Roof rot is a serious problem. What makes it worse is that it is often invisible to the naked eye. Your roof could be rotting from the inside and no one would notice until the stability of your home or the health of your family was compromised. Moisture is the number one enemy of all […]

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How Easily Can A Roof Blow Away?

June 8, 2017 Roof Restoration

When Mother Nature is not in a good mood, storms happen! During storm season the news is filled with dozens of cases of houses losing their roofing or suffering any other damages. You might even start wondering just how easily this could happen to your own home. Well, we have all the answers for the […]

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Can your roof manage its own weight?

May 15, 2017 Roof

Roof collapse incidences are not uncommon in Australia. The reasons behind their occurrence vary from the quality of materials used for roofing, to the design, type of workmanship and the weather. What makes a good roofing structure? A roof should be able to fulfill two basic functions: Act as a climate barrier, and Carry its […]

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First time shopping for a roof? Here are some tips

April 15, 2017 Roof

The consequences of getting an unsuitable roof can be serious. It is no wonder that a number of first-time buyers balk at this prospect, and prefer to play little or no role in the process of choosing a new roof, leaving it entirely to tradesmen. Of course getting professional advice wise, but it is always […]

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Common Roof Support Problems

March 10, 2017 Roof Support Problems

To know what kind of roof support problems are most common, we should first find out where they originate. There are two main types of roof framing systems used worldwide by home-builders. These are rafters and trusses. Despite their popularity and advantages in architectural design, they cause more roof support problems than you might think. […]

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Different Types of Roofs

February 13, 2017 Types of Roofs

Know What’s Best For You The roof is not just a design feature; it is a requirement for every house for purposes of safety, health and aesthetics. If you’re constructing a new house or planning to move your family to a new one, the roof type is one of the main things you should think […]

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Painting in the Rain: The Lowdown

January 18, 2017 Painting in the Rain

Just as you have just finished washing your car, it rains. “I should wash my car more often”, you say.  “We need the rain – but I should have checked the weather forecast.” Well, folks, it also applies to that DIY or professional painting job in the interior and exterior of your home. Always check […]

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Heat Gains – Ways to Combat the Rising Temperatures in our Homes

December 6, 2016 Heat Gains

So, we are heading for another hot summer and, yes, climate change is upon us.  How are we, as homeowners, going to cope with the inevitable increase in heat and yet maintain the lowering greenhouse gases – the quandary we face in the 21st century?  Just turn on the air conditioner you may well say […]

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Your all weather friend

November 1, 2016 Roof Restoration

When you think of a roof, you probably think tiles. Tiles are the most common roofing material in Australia, and indeed in the world, for many reasons apart from their durability. But did you know that the roofing designs have developed so much over the years that you now have multiple roofing solutions that compare […]

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To restore or to replace- that is the question

October 17, 2016 Roof Restoration

The decision to restore your roof or replace it altogether is never quite straight forward. In the rare cases that a roof is so far gone it cannot be restored, then the choice is made for you. But for every other roof condition, it is a tough decision to make, which hopefully can be partially, […]

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Choosing the Right Roof: What You Need to Know about Roof Types

September 23, 2016 Roof Types

Weather conditions and other external factors are important considerations for every homeowner choosing a roof material and design.  Since the roof is one of the most noticeable parts of your home, it is always best that you research some roof materials that can provide your home added protection without sacrificing aesthetics. Metal Roofing The rising […]

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What Material Options Should You Choose for your Roof?

August 26, 2016 Roofing Materials

We always say that one of the most important things in life is to have a roof over your head. But if you say that now, people might get confused. It’s a new world and there are now more types of roofing options and materials that anyone can buy to make their houses even stronger […]

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Prevention is best: Clean Your Roof Before it’s Too Late

July 1, 2016 Uncategorized

Many people all over Australia spend thousands of dollars to replace a deteriorated roof when they could have prevented this unnecessary expenses just by regularly cleaning their roof. Thus, it’s a good practice to always clean your roof or have them cleaned by a professional. This will help prevent mould from building up in your […]

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What You Need To Know About Cleaning A Roof

June 17, 2016 Roof

Do you have algae, lichen, or moss on your roof or siding? Not only is it an ugly eyesore, but it can potentially damage and reduce the life of your roof. Roof maintenance and repair is an important part of home maintenance, but is often overlooked until big problems develop. If you regularly clean your roof […]

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How to Clean a Roof?

May 3, 2016 Roof

Did a bushfire recently happen in an area near you? Then, chances are that your gutter is full of dead leaves, which could be a fire hazard if not promptly removed. Or perhaps your roof is starting to accumulate algae or is getting badly stained with mould. Cleaning is important to maintain your roof in […]

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How to Address a Leaking Roof

April 15, 2016 Leaking Roof, Roof

A leaking roof in your home is a problem that should not be taken lightly. It is important to find out where the origin of the leak in order to address this problem. An easy way to spot a roof leak is to check your ceiling for water stains which can be described as marks […]

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Roof Restoration vs. Roof Repair: When Should You Choose One Over The Other?

The roof of your house should always be a top concern. Not only is it an important aesthetic and physical aspect, but it also protects you and your family from the weather and other outside forces. To maintain your roof, you must do a regular physical inspection and cleaning. It is through this that you […]

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Why Roof Bedding and Re-bedding is Important

February 12, 2016 Roof Restoration, Roof Repair

Roof beddings are sand or cement-based layers of mortar that serve as coating on your roof before the ridge capping process is started or an additional layer is applied. Having said this, it’s important to know why it is essential to have roof beddings and how it affects your safety and the safety of your […]

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What You Should Look For in a Roofing Contractor

January 9, 2016 Roofing Contractor

When you’re in the market for a new roof, you know how big the investment can be. The roof is the single most important aspect of your house, as it puts shelter over your head. Never take looking for a roofing contractor lightly; you don’t want to let just anyone handle the job. Here is […]

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Why it’s Time to Have Gutter Guards Installed in Your Roof

December 8, 2015 Gutter Guards

Cleaning your roof gutters can be a taxing job considering how unsafe it can be. It becomes doubly difficult when debris has accumulated and caused damage to your gutters. For this reason, many homeowners have employed the services of roofing experts for gutter guard installation. Here at Amazing Roof Restorations, we provide you with the best solutions […]

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Kinds of Roof Ventilation in Newcastle

November 28, 2015 Roof ventilation

Roof ventilation is designed to do two things: remove hot air during the summer and remove moisture during the winter. It is crucial to keep your attic well-ventilated to preserve the integrity of your roof. When it gets hot in the summer, your air-conditioning system works double time. Roof vents can help cool down your […]

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Roof Restoration and Maintenance Tips for the Rainy Season

October 25, 2015 Roof Restoration

Many homeowners report unexpected leaks every year during rainfall periods. This generally occurs due to neglecting something you believe to be working properly, such as your roof. Studies show that this is one of the least tended spots in almost every household, the consequences of which can be devastating to the ceiling and upper walls, electrical installations, […]

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Importance of Having Properly Installed and Maintained Gutters

September 22, 2015 Maintenance tips

Gutters are an integral part of your home’s well- being. They funnel water off the roof and away from your home, protecting your siding, windows, doors, walls, foundations, and landscape from water damage. In most cases, gutters collect debris such as leaves which may accumulate over at the passing of time. However, there comes a point […]

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What is Roof Flashing?

August 17, 2015 Roof flashing

One important service that Newcastle roofers provide is roof flashing. It’s a vital element of the roofing system that is often overlooked until serious leaks happen. No matter what type of sealant you use or how many layers of it you apply, it will eventually crack over time and let moisture in. Roof flashing, therefore, […]

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Top Ten Ways for Saving Money on Roofing Restoration

July 25, 2015 Roof Restoration

Simple and Easy Roofing Tips to Save Money Whenever roofing is mentioned, it seems like simple enough a job for most people. It just involves ripping off the old roof and put the new one in place. This couldn’t be further from the truth, because not only is it a difficult project, but it can […]

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Protecting walls during rain

June 20, 2015 Wall protection

Walls form an important part of the overall façade of your house. There is a tendency, however, for home owners to neglect walls when compared to other aspects of the home. This is in spite of the fact that walls form the primary protection of the home.    Walls are exposed to the harshest vagaries […]

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New trends and fashion in roofing

May 15, 2015 Roofing trends

Architects recognise the roof as the fifth façade of a house. It enhances the beauty, colour, value and character of a house. You can ascribe over 30% of the overall look of a house’s façade to a roof. The selection of the roofing style, material and look is therefore critical to a house. In Australia […]

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Can I Use Taubmans Roof Paint For Cement Tiles?

April 3, 2015 Roof Paints

When considering whether or not Taubmans roof paints can be used for your cement tiles, it is important to discuss your intentions with a painting professional.  There are a number of factors to take into consideration, depending on the nature of the cement tiles.  For example: Are they roof tiles?  If so, an important factor […]

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