5 Signs You Need a Newcastle Roof Repairer

5 Signs You Need a Newcastle Roof Repairer

The roofing is an integral part of a house that requires regular and effective maintenance.

Your roof is an essential part of your home to protect the building itself from moisture and heat, but also to shield its occupants and their belongings.

The roofing is undoubtedly the home’s first line of defence against the elements, so there are several reasons why it is imperative to ensure that a home’s roof is always in good condition. Leaky roofs, for instance, can cause the homeowners significant discomfort and inconvenience, plus they can damage appliances and electronics and even cause the home’s foundation to deteriorate.

However, the roof is often overlooked. Homeowners spend hundreds to thousands of dollars for their living rooms, patios and decks, kitchens, and even on their lawn and landscaping, but the roof is often forgotten until leaks start to appear but, by then, the damage may have already grown and required a costly repair.

5 Signs That Your Roof Needs Repair

5 Signs That Your Roof Needs Repair

Before the problem balloons into something bigger, homeowners should call a local, reputable roofing expert. Calling a roof specialist sooner rather than later can help prevent the problem from increasing and waiting too long can be a costly mistake that many homeowners only realise when it’s too late. Here are the common signs that homeowners should watch out for, and we will go into more detail about each situation below this list:

  • The roof is more than 10 years old.
  • Stains and discolouration on the ceiling and walls.
  • Sagging.
  • Damaged shingles.
  • Moss, lichen, or mould.

·  The Roof Is More Than 10 Years Old

Even when there is no visible damage to the roof, an old roof will require a visit from a trusted roof specialist. If the roof is more than 10 years old, it would be prudent to call a reputable roofing contractor for a comprehensive inspection.

Most homeowners may miss problems that are not visible to untrained eyes. A visual inspection will not suffice for roofs that are more than 10 years old. A comprehensive inspection by an expert will include structural, material, and interior inspections.

Stains and Discolouration on The Ceiling and Walls.

Before leaks make themselves obvious, they will manifest as stains and discolouration on the ceilings, then on the walls. A homeowner should immediately call a trusted roofing expert once he spots the tell-tale signs of stains on the ceiling. Stains and discolouration mean that the ceiling and walls have absorbed a significant amount of water already. Therefore, before it can cause further damage, the source of water must be identified and rectified.

The Roof or Ceiling Is Sagging

This problem should definitely not be ignored. There are many possible causes why a roof or ceiling will sag. It can be due to:

  • Water damage
  • Poor construction
  • Changes in temperature that cause materials to expand and contract
  • Structural movement
  • A termite infestation

A sagging ceiling must be repaired immediately, and its cause must be identified and remedied. Every second it is left unrepaired puts the occupants of the house at more risk. It will not only damage the property, but it can seriously injure as well.

Damaged Shingles

There are many forms of roof shingle problems. The signs of shingle loss include some discolouration on the roof and the granules showing up in the gutters:

  • Some shingles could be missing.
  • Some edges could curl up or buckle up and be vulnerable to strong winds.
  • Misaligning, resulting in poor roof ventilation.
  • Lost surface finishes protecting shingles from the sun.

Roof shingles help prevent water from entering the home, and they also help make the home more energy efficient. Keeping them intact can help prevent graver problems that can damage the house. Replacing the shingles as soon as they become damaged saves the homeowner from having to replace an entire roof, so it is cheaper and will take less time.

Moss, Lichen or Mould

The presence of moss, lichen, and mould can adversely affect the appearance of the roof or the curb appeal of the entire property and the roof is an ideal breeding ground for these organisms when moisture gets trapped on the roof, as it allows these organisms to thrive.

In addition, moss and moulds growing on the roof can cause more trouble if left unattended. For instance, they can prevent water from going straight to the gutters. With nowhere else to go, water can end up seeping into the home’s interiors.

The roots of the moss can also cause the roof’s tiles to shift and crack and the organisms can work their way inside the house, bringing potentially serious health risks to its occupants. The spores from the moulds, for instance, can cause running nose, allergies, and even infection of the lungs.

The Importance of a Healthy and Well-Maintained Roof

The Importance of a Healthy and Well-Maintained Roof

While these reasons may seem obvious, they are still worth reiterating. The home is usually the most expensive investment you will ever make; therefore, it is only wise to do everything to maintain its worth and value.

The Benefits of a Healthy and Well-Maintained Roof

The Benefits of a Healthy and Well-Maintained Roof

A healthy roof offers the below benefits to a property:

Better Home Protection

A roof that is free of damage can perform at its optimum and protect the home way much better.

Maintained Property Value

Should the owner decide to sell the property in the future, a healthy roof in great working condition can help improve its selling price.

Enhanced Ventilation

The roof serves as protection against the harsh weather elements, keeping the home warm or cool as needed.

Reduced Risk of Further Damage

Attending to minor problems prevents them from worsening and becoming more costly.

Extended Roof Life

 A well-maintained roof not only extends its own life but that of the house as well.

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