6 Australian Roof Types

6 Australian Roof Types - Amazing Roof Restoration

There are many different kinds of roofs, all stylish and architecturally unique. No one can deny that the roof of a house is incredibly important. A roof helps support the entire building and keeps it structurally sound. It also serves as protection from environmental elements and prevents water, debris, and dirt from entering the house.

In a country like ours, you have several options when it comes to roof types. The perfect roof for your house should be functional and stable, thought it can also be decorative and pleasing to the eye, adding to the look of your home.

Depending on your area’s climate and topography, here are the Australian roof types that you can choose from:

6 Australian Roof Types - Roof

1. Flat Roof

A flat roof is the most commonly constructed roof for modern homes. This is because they are easy to build and clean, economical, and safe to have. A flat roof can be made using cement or various kinds of metals. Because of its structure, it actually minimises the area the roof covers.

You can normally see a flat roof on apartment blocks and commercial and high-rise buildings. Flat roofs don’t hold debris or standing water as they aren’t truly ‘flat’ and have a pitch that allows water to run off. However, a flat roof requires a bit of maintenance to remain clean.

2. Skillion Roof

A skillion roof, on the other hand, is a flat roof that has a more obvious pitch for water runoff. This is usually a single sloping roof surface pitched at a particular angle.

Skillion refers to a smaller addition to an existing roof, since this type is not attached to any other roof surface. You can add a skillion for a multi-level roof appearance and style. Compared to flat roofs, a skillion roof is easier to maintain due to the slope that aids the runoff of water.

6 Australian Roof Types - Roof

3. Butterfly Roof

A butterfly roof consists of two skillion roofs placed together with a box gutter down the centre. It is more expensive because it is more complicated to install and requires more when building and maintaining it. Detailing the box gutter is pricey as well.

But because of the shape of the butterfly roof, you no longer need the traditional downspout and gutter system for rainwater. It instead drains through the box gutter in the centre.

6 Australian Roof Types - Roof

4. Curved Roof

With its softer, rounder appearance and thicker base, a curved roof is understandably more expensive to install and maintain. It is more generally seen in coastal and beach areas as well as new developing areas.

These roofs are harder to maintain and restore because of how they are structured. It is recommended that a curved roof undergoes regular inspection because debris can accumulate, especially if left for a long time. This debris can cause damage and undermine the entire structure.

6 Australian Roof Types - Roof

5. Gabled or Peaked Roof

When you think of a roof and imagine the pointed, triangular shape of it, you’re thinking of a gabled or peaked roof. A classic design, it is comprised of two roof planes connected by a centre ridge, allowing space for an attic.

What’s great about a gabled roof is that it is quite cost-effective and easy to maintain and restore. If you have a roof of this type, it is recommended that it be inspected every few months to make sure there are no leakages.

6 Australian Roof Types - Roof

6. Hipped Roof

Lastly, a hipped roof consists of three or more pitched planes that all slope downwards from a ridge at the top. Quite popular in Australia, it offers great shade and makes sure the house is structurally sound. This best fits windy and coastal areas, but also works for all kinds of climates. This is because it provides overall protection and strength for the home.

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