A Homeowner’s Manual: Top Tips to Weather-Proof Your Roof

A Homeowner's Manual: Top Tips to Weather-Proof Your Roof

Nowadays, having a home that can withstand tough weather conditions should be one of the top priorities of any homeowner, especially since global warming is affecting many Australian cities. But aside from building a solid foundation for your home and making sure that the materials you use will last a lifetime, weather-proofing your roof is also a big step towards adding extra protection to your home.

Whether you are a seasoned contractor or a new homeowner, below are some tips that can enable you to ensure your roof is weather-proof:

Firstly, Study your location

Protecting your home against harsh weather conditions starts with analysing your location. While spiking temperatures are a norm in some cities, others experience cold temperatures throughout the year. Learning about the typical weather condition within your area is advantageous not only because you can make your home ideal to your location, but also because you can also save energy consumption along the way.

Install a Cooler Roof

If you live in an area where you have to deal with hot, humid conditions most of the time, installing a cooler roof can work to your advantage, especially during the summer season. Light-coloured roofs are efficient in reflecting sunlight, which can consequently make your home about 50 to 100 degrees cooler as compared to a traditional, dark-coloured roof which readily absorbs heat. You can also use cool roof painting or cool-coloured roofing tiles if your goal is to make your home more resilient to heat.

A Homeowner's Manual: Top Tips to Weather-Proof Your Roof - Roof

Invest in an Eco-Friendly roof

Green roofs are stepping into the spotlight nowadays because other than cutting down a home’s carbon emission, they also act as natural insulators perfect for both hot and cold weather conditions. In addition to that, eco-friendly roofs drastically reduce storm water run-off since the water is diverted before it reaches your home’s gutters.

Windproof your Roof

Hurricanes and other natural disasters can really strike houses hard. Aside from destroying vulnerable parts of your home, strong winds can also potentially rip up your roof. Even if your area isn’t normally prone to hurricanes, it is still best that you prepare for the worst so you won’t have regrets later on. To make your roof more impact-resistant, you can install truss bracing, especially if you have a gabled roof. Also, pay close attention to your windows and doors as they are the weakest parts of your home. Investing on sturdy and wind-resistant windows may be pricey at first glance, but it gives your home extra protection not only from harsh weather conditions, but from intruders as well.

Fireproof your Roof

Devising a strong and fireproof roofing system can further protect your home for the years to come. By choosing non-flammable roofing materials such as tiles, asphalt shingles and steel metal roofing, you can make your home fully equipped to handle even the toughest weather conditions and calamities.

A Homeowner's Manual: Top Tips to Weather-Proof Your Roof - Roof

Break the Ice Build-Ups

Ice-damming can cause leaks inside your home once overlooked. To prevent this from happening, it is best that you invest on a layer that has water-repelling properties and install it under your shingles during roof construction or roof restoration. As added protection, you can also buy de-icing cables and lay it on your shingles, top gutter and downspouts. Attic insulation also works in terms of controlling temperature on your roof.

Whether you are building your dream house or you are up for a roof restoration project, you can definitely gain major advantages from reinforcing your roofing system by making your roof resilient to any weather conditions.

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