Choosing the Right Rural Roofing Specialist

Choosing the Right Rural Roofing Specialist

Are you dealing with a legitimate rural roof specialist in Newcastle?

Are you tired of constant roof repairs due to leaks, mould, or termites? Then consider hiring a rural roofing specialist. Repairing or restoring rural roofs can be challenging due to their unique structure. Rural roofing often features curved, semi-cylindrical, S-shaped, and interlocking roofs, making them difficult to work on.

What to expect from a rural roofing specialist in New South Wales

What to expect from a rural roofing specialist in New South Wales

Rural roofing specialists offer the following services:

Roof cleaning

Compared to city homes, rural houses are more exposed to the elements. Therefore, it is inevitable for rural roofing to show visible signs of wear and tear. Worn out roofs not only look unappealing, but they are also vulnerable to leaks and cracks. Repairs and replacements can be costly, which is why roof cleaning is a good investment for property owners.

High-pressure cleaning from a rural roofing specialist removes dirt, moss, lichen, rust, mould growth, and algae – breathing new life into an old roof. Consider investing in roof cleaning before structural problems arise.

Roof protection

Rural roofing specialists typically provide services for protecting roofs from the elements. They use antifungal biocide to address mould growth. They also repoint loose caps, repair loose tiles, apply a coat of primer bond to stabilise the roof surface, and apply a reinforcement protective roof membrane coating to ensure maximum weather protection.

Roof inspection

If the roofing problem has turned from bad to worse, a rural roofing specialist can help inspect, assess, and recommend the best course of action for roof restoration.

Roof restoration

Restoration is the first line of defence against roof damage. Instead of replacing the entire roof, a restoration project can help save thousands of dollars while transforming the roof back to its original look.

How to choose a rural roofing specialist

How to choose a rural roofing specialist

Next to the foundation, the roof is the most crucial component of a building. Whether it needs new paint, repairs, or an entirely new replacement altogether, it is crucial to entrust roofing issues to a specialist. Here are some things to consider when choosing the right rural roofing contractor:

Is the roofing contractor a legitimate company?

Legitimate roofing specialists have a business address, an office phone number, an Australian Business Number (ABN), and Tax File Number. If a company cannot provide all these pieces of information, it might be best to walk away.

Does the roofing contractor have any experience?

Longevity is often a good indicator of reliability. How long has the roofing company been in business? If they have been operating in NSW for decades, they probably already gave hundreds of satisfied clients in their portfolio. Look for a rural roofing specialist with a proven track record – check for feedback and references from past clients and ask for a portfolio of past roofing projects.

Is the roofing contractor licensed and qualified?

Doing roof works is not as simple as fixing a leak. This is not the type of task that should be entrusted to a self-taught handyman, but a professional who has trained for the job. When searching for roofing services, ask for a copy of their qualifications such as licenses, registration, and certificates. Also, look for membership in professional associations such as the Master Builders Association – where valuable construction insights, standards, and innovations are available.

Different skill sets are required to install different roofs, which is why Australian roofing contractors carry a variety of licenses depending on the state or territory. They are also required by law to complete relevant training and assessment in order to work safely at heights greater than two metres.

Is the roofing contractor fully insured?

Roofing contractors must provide adequate insurance for any construction job they are undertaking. This protects both parties from any issues that may arise if things do not go as planned. It’s best to ask for copies of their public liability insurance and product liability insurance.

Does the roofing contractor offer product warranties?

Reputable roofing companies provide written warranties both for the materials they use and the work they perform. For example, Colorbond® steel and Zincalume® steel, from BlueScope Steel, come with a 36-year warranty against peeling, flaking, corrosion, perforation, and natural weathering from the elements.

Does the roofing contractor provide a detailed quote?

Roofing specialists must provide a detailed quote to avoid any misunderstanding later on. The post-inspection quote should include a detailed description of the work required, what materials will be used, when the work starts, the approximate completion date, insurance details, warranty specifications, terms of payment, and other conditions agreed upon by both parties.

What do past customers say about them?

Due diligence is essential when hiring a rural roof specialist. Always check for references to gain more information about a roofing services provider. Reputable businesses will have no problem allowing customers to post feedback and testimonials on their website – even those that are slightly less flattering.

Ready to protect the integrity of your roof?

Ready to protect the integrity of your roof?

Amazing Roof Restoration provides roof cleaning, painting, repair, and restoration of rural properties in the NSW region. We only use the best materials and industry-leading techniques to maintain the roofs and gutters of rural homes in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Singleton, and the Hunter Region.

Our experienced roofers are highly skilled in all types of roof profiles – flat, curved, “S” shaped, semi-cylindrical, interlocking, and more. In addition to working on rural country homes, we also provide roofing services for farm stock sheds, grain storage, and small metal silos.

Contact us at Amazing Roof Restorations for the best result for your rural roof

To ensure that our team is able to keep up with the times, we invest in training programs to constantly improve our craft. We also stay updated on safety regulations set by the Australian authorities to make sure all our roofing projects are compliant.

Here at Amazing Roof Restorations, we always check that our roofers are well-trained for the job and have adequate insurance to cover all of the work involved. We have the right crew for the project, whether your roof needs cleaning, rust treatment, repointing, re-bedding, re-sarking, repainting, or restoring, Send us a quote request by clicking here, or speak with a roofing specialist by calling us on 02 4944 2085. Alternatively, visit us at to find out more or send us an online message and we will contact you right back!