How Does Extreme Heat Affect My Roof?

How Does Extreme Heat Affect My Roof? - Amazing Roof Restoration

Despite how much we enjoy the summer heat in Australia, it can become unbearable at times. This January Australia had its hottest month in recorded history. Temperatures rocketed to 49.5C. The extreme heat, among many other effects, can cause problems to our roofing. But how does too much heat affect roofing?

Roofs are supposed to keep you comfortable and cosy no matter what weather. They are designed with materials that have excellent insulating properties. In cases where the material cannot handle heat quite well, extra insulation can be installed. Despite this, however, these materials are not well built for both extremes in weather.

How Does Extreme Heat Affect My Roof? - Roof

Extreme heat causes damages in roofing

The heat itself can do a great deal of damage to your roofing material. As the temperature rises, these materials expand, which may result in cracks and brittleness then and there. You may overlook it at first because, after all, it is hot and dry outside. But when the rainy season comes, you will be left with a roof with leaks.

Additionally, extreme sunlight brings forth extreme ultraviolet radiation. Anything exposed to ultraviolet radiation will eventually break down bit by bit. As for your roofing material, this will make it more porous and brittle. Over time, you will be left with a roof that has a weak structure.

How Does Extreme Heat Affect My Roof? - Roof

How to prevent roof damage caused by heat

Now that we understood how the heat can affect our roof, we have to learn how to prevent it from damaging our roof. As they say, prevention is better than cure. So why not take a few extra measures to keep your roof well-maintained?

First, you have to make sure that your roof is tidy. You have to clean your roof at least once a year to remove any random objects and debris that may have accumulated. Doing this can also help you clear out your roof gutters to help prevent the build-up of water on your roof during rains.

As you are cleaning your roof, you also have the opportunity to visually inspect it for initial and probable signs of damage. This way, you will have a first-hand understanding of what is going on with your roof. But doing it on your own may not be enough. You may need an inspection service to help you with your roofing problem before it becomes a bigger issue. You will be given sound professional advice on what you should do to keep your roof in good shape.

How Does Extreme Heat Affect My Roof? - Roof

How to repair roof damage caused by heat

Sometimes despite thorough preventive measures, your roof can still be prone to damage. This could be due to an aging roof structure or extreme weather disturbances. In these instances, using an emergency roof repair service is essential.

It is also essential to follow a 5-step process for repairing your roof. This involves a thorough assessment and a roof check to determine the extent of the damage. Pressure cleaning to clean your roof. Then, it is time to repair and treat your roof, free from rust and cracks. With everything sorted out, a roof membrane is applied, as well as paint coating, for added protection.

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