Roof Restoration vs. Roof Repair: When Should You Choose One Over The Other?

The roof of your house should always be a top concern. Not only is it an important aesthetic and physical aspect, but it also protects you and your family from the weather and other outside forces. To maintain your roof, you must do a regular physical inspection and cleaning. It is through this that you can spot damage and assess its severity. When you address these issues immediately, you spare your roof of further damage and you save yourself significant amount of time, effort, and money. Roof restoration and roof repair are your two options when addressing roof problems. When should you choose one over the other?

What is a roof restoration?

Roof restoration is a makeover of your entire roof.  This includes cleaning and painting over old and worn areas, replacing broken tiles and any other maintenance work your roof might need. Old and worn out roofs can be restored to look new and damages can be addressed with the process of roof restoration.

Compared to buying a new roof, roof restoration is more cost efficient and, if done properly, can extend the life or your roof to up to 10 years, protecting it from leaks and other damages. Some signs to look after when considering roof restoration are the presence of fungus and moss, damaged and loose roof flashings, rusting roof and rotting wood, holes in the roof, water stains on the ceilings and faded roof sheets. If your roof is deteriorating, the best thing to do is to ask for a professional’s opinion to assess your its condition. We at Amazing Roof Restorations have roofing specialists that can help you do an assessment and roof check to see what work needs to be done on your roof. We perform metal roof restoration, tile roof restoration and fibro roof restoration.

What is a roof repair?

Roof repair is done when only a certain, specific, part of the roof needs fixing. Problems like roof leaks and damaged tiles need to be addressed immediately because these can be the cause of an even bigger and more extensive damage. Early action  will save you money on bigger repairs. Some of the most common reparable damages that you can do yourself are replacing a damaged tile with a new one, and replacing ridge vents.

However, if the damage is severe, such as multiple leaks, if your previous repairs have not been holding up or if the damage is simply too hard to address on your own, it is best to have a roofing specialist take a look at your roof. We at Amazing Roof Restorations can help you assess the damage of your roof. We perform roof cleaning, metal restoration, re-roofing, repair, maintenance and conversion. Go ahead and give us a call so we can provide you an obligation-free quotation.