Should You Consider Getting Skylights?

Should You Consider Getting Skylights?

Skylights are a thing of beauty. They illuminate space during summer and provide a great view of the starry sky during winter. No wonder they have been constantly featured in architecture for centuries.

But skylights can rear their ugly side too. When not properly installed, they can leave you with high energy bills, unusable rooms, or expensive repairs due to moisture problems.

So, if you’re thinking of getting a skylight installed in your home, but are you not sure if it’s the right investment, assess its benefits and drawbacks as we discuss them below.


10 Huge benefits of Skylights you might want to take advantage of

While many homeowners install skylights for aesthetic purposes, these rooftop windows actually provide many benefits that you may not be aware of.

1. Add natural light to your space.

The biggest benefit of skylights is letting natural light into your space.

Skylights can illuminate areas that are otherwise dark and dreary. It also adds a spotlight if you want to showcase a particular room or provide a beautiful vista into the sky above.

This natural illumination is best for winter when we have less exposure to the sun. Nobody wants to be holed up in a dim, artificially lit room during those overcast winter mornings.

Skylights can also help improve your mood. Since the brain responds to natural light by producing more serotonin and less melatonin, you may get an added boost when dealing with depression. If you or a family member suffers from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) but cannot spend time outdoors, a well-lit interior space can make a world of difference.

2. Add solar heating to your space.

Along with natural light comes solar heating. Skylights can help heat your home with sunlight so you can save on electricity costs during the chilly seasons. If you live in a cold climate, you should consider installing a skylight for free extra heat.

3. Add more “space” to your space.

Natural light not only allows you to see better, but it also opens up the room. Even if you have a small living space, skylights can make it feel bigger. For rooms that do not have enough space for windows, skylights allow you to take advantage of that vast ceiling.

Similar to how adding mirrors on the walls can make a small room feel more spacious, skylights have the exact same effect on a space. Plus, you get a view of the sky day and night, so your space feels warm and cosy.

4. Save on energy costs.

Instead of using electricity to light up dark spaces, get the sun to do it for you. When installed in the right position, skylights can bring light into your home 100% free of charge!

Natural light is the most environment-friendly way to also heat and cool your living spaces. If installed facing north, a skylight can bring pleasant warmth during winter but should be kept shaded during summer to prevent overheating.

5. Let fresh air in and improve ventilation.

Skylights are also a great way to ventilate your home. With opening skylights, you can let fresh air in and let dust and humidity out. This is great for bathrooms where moisture can easily build up.

Air circulation is essential to get rid of musty odour and stale breeze. And rooftop windows can help with cross ventilation in stuffy rooms. They also cool down your living spaces without turning on the air conditioner.

Better yet, natural light and improved air quality make it harder for mould to grow.

6. Control indoor temperature.

Australian summers can be quite hot and humid. In addition to ventilation, temperature control is crucial in keeping your indoor space fresh and pleasant. Based on the principle that hot air rises and cold air descends, an opening skylight would push all that suffocating hot air up and let the cool breeze down. Simply opening a skylight allows you to control room temperature without adding to your energy bill.

7. Enjoy more privacy.

Privacy and natural lighting do not go hand in hand. The more sunlight you want, the bigger the windows you install, the less privacy you will have. However, skylights allow you to let more sunshine in without compromising your privacy. Because they are installed in the ceiling, neighbours or passers-by won’t be able to peek into your home.

8. Increase the resale value of your home.

Natural light is a major selling point for potential home buyers. After all, nobody wants to buy a dark and dull home. Large, open, bright spaces are always an attraction, which is why skylights are often listed to boost property value.

If you are considering making home improvements, an opening skylight is a cost-effective way to add equity into your home and increase its resale value.

9. Skylights are durable and last a long time.

Because skylights are installed on roofs, they are built to withstand the different weather patterns that NSW is known for. Skylights can endure the hot sun as well as harsh wind, torrential rain, and hailstorms. It is crucial to seal opening skylights properly so that moisture does not leak through during stormy weather.

10. There are plenty of styles for you to choose from.

Skylights come in all shapes, sizes, styles and colours. You’ll have plenty of choices to suit your home and personal taste.

possible downside

Possible downsides of installing Skylights

While skylights bring extra natural light and free solar heating, those two benefits also come at a cost. These are advantages during the winter but can be a nuisance in the warmer parts of the year.

The main drawbacks of skylights are:

  • Too much light in the summer
  • Too much heat gain that could lead to overheating
  • Heat loss in the winter
  • Skylight shafts that are poorly sealed or insulated
  • Leaking where the skylight penetrates the roof

There’s also the risk of roof damage. When you install a big overhead skylight, you risk compromising the structure of your roof. This is why you need a professional roofing contractor to consult on the installation. They will know what size or style is appropriate for your home, especially if you have a truss roof.

Then there’s the risk of interior damage. Too much sunlight can alter the colour of your curtains and furniture. Furthermore, if your skylight is not properly installed or you have the wrong material, your opening skylight can leak on rainy days – damaging your flooring, carpet, and interiors.

consider amazing

Consider Amazing Roof Restorations for Skylight Roof Installation

The most important thing to consider when adding a skylight to your house is to NOT skimp on materials quality and installation. Here at Amazing Roof Restorations, we will help you find the best skylight materials to ensure energy efficiency, sound reduction, and water tightness. You can also explore additional options such as UV coatings, ventilation, and shading.

Let us know your roof specs and what type of skylight you have in mind so we can discuss whether installing a roof window is a good investment for you. Call us today for a consult!