Should you get your roof restored or replaced?

Should you get your roof restored or replaced

Roof restoration versus roof replacement – how to decide?

Are you experiencing roof problems? Were you contemplating getting your roof restored or replaced? Then read on to find out if you should get your roof restored or replaced.

The roof of your house protects you and your loved ones from pests and harsh elements. This is especially true for Newcastle, where there is significant rainfall. During the wettest month of the year, your roof endures 12 days of rain. But apart from rain, your roof also takes a daily beating from the heat and in extreme cases, even hail.

5 signs to check if you need your roof restored or replaced

5 signs to check if you need your roof restored or replaced

The roof is the most exposed part of your house, and it comes as no surprise that it’s more susceptible to damage and decay as years go by. Therefore, checking your roof regularly is essential to ensure that it’s still in good shape. Otherwise, you may find yourself deciding between roof restoration and a roof replacement.

Here are five signs to look out for to decide whether your roof needs restoration or replacement.

1. Water damage

Is your roof having trouble protecting your house from heavy rain? Do you notice any signs of mould growth? It may be time to call a roofing expert to have your roof checked.

A well-maintained roof should be able to endure rain and even extreme weather like hail and snow. However, moisture is your biggest enemy during these times. If you see any signs of water damage like dark spots or trails that could indicate leaking, it’s time to call a reputable company for roof restoration or roof replacement.

2. Paint deterioration

Peeling paintwork or any damage to your roof’s paint is an eyesore. This is not surprising because the roof is the first thing you see in a house. But more important than the aesthetics, deteriorating paintwork can also prevent your roof from doing its job of protecting your home.

If there’s flaking or other damage to your roof’s paint, it’s time to call in a roof painting expert to fix it immediately. Delaying your roof repainting may mean a more costly roofing repair; worse, it can even lead to a complete roof replacement.

3. Damaged roof parts

Your roof is comprised of several parts such as the roof valleys, gutters, etc. If any of these parts are not in tip-top shape, then your roof may be due for a closer inspection. Get in touch with a reliable roof servicing business to check if it can be restored or replaced. Look out for worn components and even loose materials. It’s crucial also to check around the pipes, and if you have any vents or chimneys, make sure to check those areas as well.

Check your roof’s flashing to make sure that it’s still protecting your house from any water penetration. If it needs replacing, consider a more modern metal flashing for long-lasting protection. Flashing can be made up of different metals like zinc alloy, lead, aluminium, copper, etc. Make sure to ask your roof restoration specialist for their expert recommendation.

4. Broken tiles

Broken roof tiles mean you already need roof tile replacement. Remember that water that is leaking into your house can spell trouble. Any water leak to your house can affect your insulation – it may cause the ceilings and walls to stain, blister, and even bubble. If water starts to leak into your house due to broken tiles, it may also cause mould growth. Wet walls, water damage insulation, and even wet carpets and ceilings all contribute to the presence of mould. It can also get worse because prolonged exposure to moisture can lead to wood rot and may even attract termites in extreme cases.

5. Old age

Roof ageing is a natural process. With continued exposure to changing weather, harsh elements, and even pollution, your roof can certainly suffer a lot as the years go on.

As a rule of thumb, a roof can last between 20 to 25 years. It’s good to keep this in mind because this will help guide you in deciding if you need your roof restored or replaced.

If your roof is relatively new, but you’re already experiencing some leaking, you may want to check for issues in the gutter, which is a simple fix. However, if your roof is only 10 years old, and you’ve already done frequent repairs, you may want to consult with a roofing expert for a possible roof restoration. A roof replacement is sometimes recommended for old roofs that already require frequent repairs.

Benefits of roof restoration

Benefits of roof restoration

When deciding between roof restoration or roof replacement, roof restoration may prove to be a better option in many instances.

  • Roof restoration is more affordable because you’re using the existing roof structure. Thus, less materials and less labour time are enough to complete the job.
  • Restoration also helps extend the life of your roof. If you hire an experienced roof restoration company, the smaller investment you make for restoration can prove to be beneficial in the long run because your roof will last longer. Any potential weakness is addressed in roof restoration, preventing further damage to your roof.
  • Roof replacement can be noisy and may be a cause for concern if you live in a quiet neighbourhood. A roof replacement often requires many equipment and involves hammering, drilling, and moving of a lot of materials. Roof replacement also takes a longer time to finish than restoration. Are you patient enough to endure that much noise for several days? Roof restoration is not as noisy and is less intrusive. If you’re working with an expert roof restoration business, then everything would likely go smoothly.
Contact an expert if roof restoration in Newcastle today.

Contact an expert if roof restoration in Newcastle today.

Thinking about getting your roof restored? Make sure to only work with fully trained experts in this field. Amazing Roof Restorations is able to provide the high-quality, professional roof services because we treat your property as if it is our own. If you have any questions about roof restoration or to book an appointment, call us today at 02 4944 2085 and we will be happy to assist you.