Signs It’s Time for Tiled Roof Restoration

Signs It’s Time for Tiled Roof Restoration

These nine signs indicate it’s time you contact your trusted roof specialist.

What makes tile roofs a popular choice among homeowners? Is it aesthetic appeal and versatility? Or is it durable and has a long lifespan? No matter how saleable a tile roof may be, it is exposed to harsh elements and subject to the aging process like other products.

The harsh and unpredictable weather caused by erratic change can lead to the deterioration of tile roofs. What will happen if your tiled roof has holes as big as the moon’s crater? You will hear the rhythmic sound of raindrops from the ceiling, watermarks will be visible inside your home, and the entire house will smell like rot. The damage to roof tiles is just the tip of the iceberg. Pretty soon, the structure of the house – and the resale value – will be compromised. The deterioration of tile roofs and building elements exposes the occupants to dangerous conditions and health hazards. Of course, you will move heaven and earth to prevent it from happening.

When was the last time you hired a roofing specialist? Unless your tiled roof badly needs replacement, a simple process of tiled roof restoration would suffice. If the roofing specialist cleans and maintains the tiled roof regularly, he can see tell-tale signs it’s time for tiled roof restoration.

What is tiled roof restoration

What is tiled roof restoration?

Tiled roof restoration involves repairing, cleaning, and recoating a tiled roof with a coat of roofing products to restore it into a like-new form. The restoration process extends the lifespan of a tiled roof for another 10 to 15 years. In addition, it enables the homeowner to save up for a more expensive capital expenditure like tiled roof replacement in the future.

How would you know it is time for tiled roof restoration?

There are two ways to look for signs – inside and outside the house. Some can be seen with the naked eye, while others (like dotted holes) are visible upon closer inspection. Hiring a roof specialist inspect the surface of a tiled roof is recommended. After all, they have the appropriate tools and equipment to efficiently assess a tiled roof, gutter, shingle, and other elements outside the house.

Top 9 signs it is high time for tiled roof restoration

Top 9 signs it is high time for tiled roof restoration

Do not wait for the entire house to get flooded (or smell like rot!). Watch out for these signs that scream it is time for tiled roof restoration!

1. Water marks on ceiling and walls

Have you noticed dark stains or spots on your ceiling or bubbles and blisters on walls? These are signs of internal leaks. Water entering the hole of a damaged tiled roof creates internal leaks in ceilings. They can also be absorbed in wooden beams and affect wall plasters, wallpaper, and the overall structure of your home. In addition, internal leaks can affect electrical wiring near your ceiling cavity and pose a fire hazard.

2. Light trails from a tiled roof

If you notice light passing through the tiled roof, it is a sign that your tiled roof has small holes and punctures. Consult your roof specialist from Amazing Roof Restoration to assess if your roof needs simple repair or restoration. It would prevent further problems in your home.

3. Deteriorating roof paint and coating

If roof paint and coating have faded, the protective coating on your tiled roof has deteriorated over time. If left unattended, your tiled roof could be susceptible to water leakage.

4. Damaged roof gutters and shingles

Dust and debris could cause roof gutters to clog. The sludge and plant materials can also lodge inside your roof shingles. A damaged roof gutter is visible outside your home. Worst, rodents and insects may enter your home through the broken roof gutter.

5. Bad roof flashing

In older homes, roof flashing consists of cement or tar, which can get damaged over time. Flashing is a thin material used to prevent water from entering a structure. It helps provide protection against mould build-up.

6. Aging roof materials

Like any product, your tiled roof undergoes the aging process. Exposure to harsh elements like sunlight, wind, and torrential rain can contribute to the wear and tear of the roofing materials. A good tiled roof should last more than 25 years, especially if made of concrete tiles.

7. Roofing rust and corrosion

Rust and corrosion form when the roof gets exposed to moisture. It is a result of a chemical reaction between water and oxygen. Older roofs are susceptible to rust and corrosion since the protective layer of coating has worn out over time.

8. Sagging on your roof

What is a sagging roof? The roof tiles are uneven, and some tiles are hanging a bit lower. Sagging roof tiles may be due to defective or aging roof materials. It may also be due to exposure to harsh elements. It is best to consult a roofing specialist to assess the problem.

9. Loose or cracked tiles

Water enters through loose, missing, or cracked tiles and may form blisters and bubbles on walls and ceilings. Mould and algae love wet, damp surfaces. Spores grow at a rapid speed and leave a foul odour. Termites are attracted to moist places and would love to stay in your home too!

Aside from the aging process, do you know the biggest threat to tile roofs? It is people. Yes, you read it right. Tile roofs are not for foot traffic. They get damaged by carelessness, mishandling, and improper care. A licensed roof specialist from Amazing Roof Restorations can handle tile roof installation, repair, restoration, or replacement with speed and ability.

Request a free quote from your reliable Newcastle roof specialist today.

Request a free quote from your reliable Newcastle roof specialist today.

Tiled roof restoration can be complex and tricky, depending on the steepness, height, and structure. The well-trained roofing specialists from Amazing Roof Restorations ensure the highest quality standards in all roofing jobs. Our roofing experts follow a 5-step roof restoration process.

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