Tips for Picking the Right Roof Shape for You

Tips for Picking the Right Roof Shape for You - Amazing Roof Restoration

Picking the right roof shape for your house depends on a lot of factors. The number of rooms you need, the budget you’re working with, and the weather in your city are just some of the things you need to consider when choosing a roof style.

The most common characteristic of all roofs is a slope that allows rainfall to drain away. Even flat roofs have a slight tilt for water runoff. Other than that, you have plenty of room to explore different shapes and styles with your Newcastle roofing company.

Roof shapes that Newcastle roofers can build for you

The gable, hip, gambrel, mansard, and skillion are some of the most popular roof shapes used today. Listed here are the pros and cons of each one.


Tips for Picking the Right Roof Shape for You - Roof Shape

A gable roof, also called a pitched roof, is triangular in shape with two identical slopes meeting at a top ridge. There are many types of gable roofs such as side gable, crossed gable, front gable, Dutch gable, false-front gable, and L-shaped gable.

Pros: Because of its angular pitch, a gable roof will have no problem draining rainwater and snow. The triangle tip also provides enough space for an attic and lets you design high ceilings with no ventilation issues. Gable roofs are simple and easy to build, hence the cheaper cost.

Cons: The shape of a gable roof can also be a nuisance as it is vulnerable in regions that are often struck by tornados or hurricanes. Strong winds can lift the overhang on the sides and flip the roof over.


Tips for Picking the Right Roof Shape for You - Roof Shape

Unlike the gable that has only two slopes, a hip roof has four slopes set on all four walls of the house. These slopes are equal in length, and meet at the top to form a flat ridge. Ask roofing services in Newcastle for diagrams of a simple hip, cross hip, and half hip roof style.

Pros: Because hip roofs have more slopes than the gable, they are more stable and durable in areas with high wind and extreme weather conditions. The angle of the roof lets snow slide down easily with no standing water pooling and leaking. If you need extra vertical space, dormers can be added to hip roof styles.

Cons: The more complex hip roofs are obviously more expensive to build than simple gable roofs. If you are building a dormer, the brick edges could create a pathway for water leaks if the structure is not properly installed.


Tips for Picking the Right Roof Shape for You - Roof Shape

Gambrel roofs are often used for barns and farm houses. This Dutch-influenced roof style has two slopes, each consisting of a semi flat upper section and a steep, almost vertical lower section.

Pros: The gambrel offers massive space for the addition of a loft, attic, or garret. It is also quite easy to frame with few materials needed.

Cons: The open design of the gambrel roof makes it a bad choice for areas with strong wind or heavy snowfall.


Tips for Picking the Right Roof Shape for You - Roof Shape

The French-inspired mansard roof is similar to a hip with four slopes on four sides. It is also quite like a gambrel with each slope consisting of a slightly slanted pitch on top and a much steeper lower section connecting to the walls.

Pros: Mansard roofs are great for homeowners who plan to expand their living space in the future. The space up top can fit a full attic or garret while the sides can accommodate open or closed dormers.

Cons: Because the pitch of a mansard roof is almost flat, it does not drain snow or rain water well. If you choose a mansard roof, hire a Newcastle roofing specialist to properly install roof flashing.


Tips for Picking the Right Roof Shape for You - Roof Shape

Flat roofs are obviously the easiest types of roof to build. They are also quite accessible to Newcastle roofing professionals in case repairs are needed.

Pros: The flat roof surface gives you so much creative room for all types of embellishments. Add a patio, set up a garden, or turn your rooftop into a penthouse. Flat roofs are also great for installing solar panels for smart homes.

Cons: Because there is hardly a slant on the design of flat roofs, they are susceptible to debris and standing water which can lead to water damage.


Tips for Picking the Right Roof Shape for You - Roof Shape

The skillion is also called a shed roof. This single-piece roof installed at a steep angle is great for connecting a new structure to an existing one.

Pros: Skillion roofs are easy and cheap to assemble. They are excellent choices for high rain and snow areas.

Cons: Not ideal for areas with strong wind.

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