Top 10 Roofing Issues in Australia

Top 10 Roofing Issues in Australia

A Newcastle roof specialist can help address roofing issues right away.

The most exposed part of your house is your roof. This is especially true in Australia, where we experience four different seasons. Australia is also home to a wide variety of animals, with around one million native species alone. These are just two factors that you need to take into consideration when it comes to dealing with roofing issues. Read on to know more about the most common roofing issues experienced by homeowners, and what you can do to avoid or address them.



Roof leaks are probably one of the roofing issues you dread the most, especially after the unusually extreme rain and weather that NSW experienced in July 2022. Leaks are also tricky to deal, with because you cannot easily pinpoint their origin. In some cases, the origin is not necessarily where the leak occurs.


When it comes to roofing issues, “ponding” basically means an accumulation of water in an area of your roof. If your roof is experiencing ponding, this may cause a lot of problems, one of which is sagging due to the unnecessary load on the area. Ponding can also cause further damage in the spot where the ponding occurs. One of the most common causes of ponding is improper installation of the air conditioning system. Accumulation of stagnant water can also result in health issues involving mosquitoes and mould.


If you notice any surface erosion on your roof that looks like bubbles, then you’re looking at blisters. Blistering often happens when your roof is not installed correctly. It may also be a symptom of a lack of regular roof maintenance. You may consider this blistering on your roof to not be a big deal. However, ignoring this roofing issue may cause further damage to your roof later.

Leaf and Moisture Build-up

We all know that the Australian sun can be harsh at times. This is why it is a good idea to have trees around your home to provide shade. However, the downside of this is that you can have a build-up of leaves on your roof and even on your roof gutters. Make sure you regularly clean your gutters to avoid any build-up, because leaf build-up can also result in your drains getting clogged. Once your drains are clogged, your next problem is the pooling of water. Constant removal of leaves will also provide protection against any bushfires. Do not neglect your roof and make sure to have it checked regularly.

Branches and Other Debris

Another thing you should watch out for when you have a tree in your vicinity is its branches. Make sure that they are regularly trimmed and maintained, because the consistent rubbing of the branches on your roof can cause damage in the long run. Other debris from trees may also fall on your roof. It’s best that they are not too close to your roof to avoid any side effect after a storm. Protect your peace of mind, and ensure that tree limbs and bushes are well-maintained.

Animal Presence

Australia is home to a wide variety of animals. But while many animals are adorable and cuddly, you wouldn’t want them building a shelter on your roof. Possums are notorious for getting under your roof and building a nest there. Once there, they can destroy your insulation and other items in your roof and attic. Animals like reptiles, birds, and insects can also damage your roof.

Poor Roof Installation

You must also consider the installation process when it comes to roofing issues. If you’re just getting your roof installed the first time, do it the right way. Hire a professional roofing contractor to avoid any problems in the future. Proper roof installation sets the foundation for how your roof will stand the test of time. Remember that investing in a roofing professional will help you save money in the long run.

Poor Roof Repairs

Poor Roof Repairs

When repairing residential roofing, it’s best to leave it to the professionals. You don’t want to make the problem worse, so unless you are a roof specialist yourself, it’s best to leave the DIY projects to the other parts of the house. It’s also wise to prioritise your safety and avoid getting injured fixing your roof on your own.

Improper Roof Materials

There are different types of roofs, different materials, and different types of pitch and slope. Identifying the correct details for your roof will ensure that you do not encounter major issues in the future. Note that materials will fit a steep sloping roof. These same materials may not work for a flat roof. When it comes to these technicalities, it’s best to leave it to the professionals.

Neglecting Roof Maintenance

Ignoring your roof’s condition is probably the worst thing you can do to your roof. However, even the smallest of issues can become a big headache later due to neglect. This is why it is crucial to have regular roof maintenance.

When it comes to your roof, it’s best to nip the problem in the bud. Whether clearing your gutters, catching a pest problem, or trimming a tree branch, it’s prudent to address the issues as soon as possible. Contract a roofing professional to do your regular maintenance.

Maintain Your Roof Regularly with Amazing Roof Restorations

Maintain Your Roof Regularly with Amazing Roof Restorations

The best way to avoid roofing issues is to make sure that your roof is well-maintained. Whether you need roof cleaning, roof repairs, or tile restoration, Amazing Roof Restorations can do it for you. We use the best quality of roofing materials and treat your roof as if it’s our own. As your Newcastle roofing experts, you can rest assured of high-quality work and proper care when you hire us. Your home is an investment so treat it properly. Choose only the best for your roof because it protects the people and property inside it. Contact us at 02 4944 2085, and our friendly staff will assist you.